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Book Choices for 2010

  (14-11-2010, 21:05)
  by gwbookclub

The Impostor by Damon Galgut

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The Memory Room by Christopher Koch

  (17-04-2009, 19:01)
  by gwbookclub

Not the best book of Christopher Koch. Vincent and Erica friends since childhood share an obssession for secrecy. Both end up working for the Australian Secret Service until Vincent, due to an indiscretion in China is sent back to Canberra. Well written as all his books are but a tad too long.

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Book Choices for 2009

  (31-10-2008, 11:52)
  by gwbookclub

February     -     Jeannie

March         -    Solange

April            -    Maxine

May            -    Trish

June            -    Dot

July             -   Louise

August         -   Bette

September    -  Outing for 'Brisbane Writers Festival'?!

October        - 

November      -

December      -   Christmas Diner

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Emergence Sex (and Other Desperate Measures)

  (10-06-2008, 18:00)
  by gwbookclub

Dark book on the limits of peacekeeping by the UN. Must read!

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